Annual supporting memberships in the South Lake Fire Safe Council are available for $30 per year.  Supporting Members are entitled to receive up to 4 hours chipping per year at the rate of $60 per hour, within the boundaries of the South Lake Fire Protection District.  The first 30 minutes are covered by the annual membership fee.




mail filled-out forms with your $30 donation to:

Attn: Chipping Request
South Lake Fire Safe Council,
P.O. Box 1773, Middletown, CA 95461
Stack brush over 6 feet high
Drag brush through mud (dirt and gravel may damage chipper blades)
Bulldozed or machine-stacked piles cannot be processed.
Place poison oak or scotch broom in chipper pile (this will cause new invasions)
Stand near the chipper outflow
Piles cross-stacked or stacked so dense and compacted that the material cannot be pulled free to run through the chipper will not be processed.
Remove brush 10 feet back from the road (if possible)
The material must be free of rocks, dirt, berry vines, poison oak, tree stumps or construction material of any type.
Brush, tree limbs, and trees smaller than six (6)inches  must be stacked neatly and evenly with the butt ends all facing the road. Piles cannot exceed five (5) feet  in height.
Keep mud off brush (be careful when the ground is wet)
Use material larger than three inches in diameter for firewood
Material must be cut to manageable twelve (12)foot  lengths maximum.
Let the chipper crew know if you want the chips broadcast or pile for later use
Use eye and ear protection while in the vicinity of the chipper
The material must be stacked adjacent to roads and accessible to our contractor’s equipment without having to be moved.
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Stack brush over standing vegetation or roadway
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