New requirements for our chipping program serving Lake County, Ca.

In 2002 South Lake Fire Safe Council was organized to provide fire safety education, shaded fuel breaks and inexpensive chipping to the residents of our community.  

Now, due to the economic climate, grants for fuel reduction are more limited and come with more restrictions and requirements for more community involvement.  The South Lake Fire Safe Council is committed to staying active and working with the people in our district to keep our community safe.  We have made some changes to our program to comply with grant requirements.

          Only our supporting members will be eligible for our chipping services 

Tax deductible annual supporting memberships in the South Lake Fire Safe Council are now available for $30 entitling supporting members to chipping visits to a total of no more than 4 hours per season. The first half hour of chipping for the year is free.  Chipping over the first hour will be charged an additional $30 fee for each additional hour.

We have provided chipping service to our members more than 1500 times. Several shaded fuel breaks in the area were done with the cooperation of the South Lake Fire Safe Council and the Konocti Conservation Camp.

We encourage anyone who is interested in protecting our neighborhoods to join. You can contact Liz Black at 987-9841 or click Support Membership and print out the form. Supporting Membership Applications are a tax-deductible donation and can be mailed to SLFSC, PO Box 1773, Middletown, CA 95461. Applications are also available at the Middletown Fire Station.

Your support is essential.  Also, please attend the South Lake Fire Safe Council meetings which are held at 2PM the first Wednesday of each month at the Middletown Fire Station on Hwy 175.
South Lake Fire Safe Council
Request for Chipping
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